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Juicy Apricot Recipes You'll Love To Sink Your Teeth Into This Spring

Spring is the season for juicy, luscious fruits! 

With their sweet ripeness, most Spring fruits are great to eat as they are. But if you're looking for ways to take advantage of this season's supply, then we've got you covered as we'll be featuring delicious Spring fruit recipes this week.

First on the list is apricots. According to Organic Facts, apricots help relieve digestion problems, fevers, and skin diseases. This fruit also improves bone health, and protects the heart from a variety of diseases. Now that's a lot of health rewards for eating such a delicious fruit!  

Joy The Baker has a simple yet succulent recipe for roasted apricots that will bring out the sweetness of the fruit. Sugar-dusted and roasted, the apricots are topped with dollops of marscarpone cheese and honey, and then sprinkled with mint.

Simple Roasted Apricots With Honey Mascarpone. Courtesy: Joy The Baker

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Apricots can also be added to healthy salads, such as the recipe published by Nicole of Foodie Loves Fitness.

Nicole paired up the sweetness of the apricots with tartness from strawberries, and crunchiness from mixed greens and cashews. The salad is topped with a strawberry-basil vinaigrette that perks up the salad's flavors even more.  

Strawberry, Cashew & Apricot Salad with Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette. Courtesy: Foodie Loves Fitness

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The sweetness of apricots also makes it a great fruit for hearty pies! Paula Roy of Constantly Cooking has a great recipe for a rustic, free-form apricot tart. Apricots - tossed with sugar, lemon juice and butter - are enveloped in a simple crust recipe and topped with almonds.

The pastry dough is rolled out and the apricot filling is put on the center. The edges of the dough are then folded over the fruit. Many home bakers find free-form tarts easier to make. The finished product also has an authentic countryside look, which is a good break from store-brought tarts and pies. 

TIP: Using a non stick baking mat in baking free-form tart will help you take it off from the baking sheet much easier without distorting its shape. 

Apricot Tart. Courtesy: Constantly Cooking

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