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Recipes That Justify Why Mango Is The Most Popular Fruit In The World

Indulging in mangoes is a surefire way to lift spirits up - its sunny color and sweet juiciness will make anyone feel like they're on a tropical vacation, away from the stresses of everyday life. 

No wonder, there are many claims that mango is the most popular fruit in the world! 

With its health benefits ranging from asthma prevention to younger looking skin and moisturized hair, eating this fruit is not just a treat for your palate, but a favor to the whole body as well.

If you're looking for a way to take advantage of the abundant harvest of mangoes this spring, Anetta of The Wanderlust Kitchen has a good recipe for a simple yet scrumptious dessert that combines the freshness of mangoes with the subtle sour-saltiness of cream cheese, and the slight toasted flavor of graham cracker crumbs. 

5 Ingredient Layered Mango Cheesecake Parfaits. Courtesy: The Wanderlust Kitchen

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If you prefer to have your mango fix in a drinkable form, Cook With Manali has a recipe for Mango Lassi that is fairly easy to make. The recipe calls for an optional pinch of cardamom powder which takes this drink to the next level!

Mango Lassi. Courtesy: Cook With Manali

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Mangoes are not just good with dairy - it can also be a great ingredient for cookies. Make and Takes contributor Maria published a recipe called Mango Chocolate Chip cookies offers a bright and surprising twist on the traditional cookie recipe. It's definitely worth a try!

TIP: Use a non stick baking mat when making cookies to avoid greasing your baking sheet with extra oil.

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Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies. Courtesy: Make and Takes 

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