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Pineapple Recipes So Fine, They'll Make You Dance The Hula!

It's amazing how a bite of fresh, juicy pineapple can instantly make you feel like you're sitting on a relaxing beach somewhere, your feet feeling the coarseness of the sand, and ukulele music playing on background!

Pineapple is indeed a very versatile fruit that's nice to eat as it is, but is also great in flavoring meats, salads and fruity desserts. Chunks of this fruit also complements salty cheese and deli meat - just think of how it brightens up the flavors of Hawaiian pizza! 

Susie of Simple Sated has a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich that's reminiscent of a Hawaiian pizza. The sandwich is made with Mexican cheese and Gruyere, ham, and fresh pineapple.

Pepper jelly kicks up the flavors to the next level, making it perfect for weekend brunch! 

Pepper Jelly Hawaiian Grilled Cheese. Courtesy: Simple Sated

silicone baking sheet

Did you know that you can also make snack chips from fresh pineapples? The Organ Wise Guys has a recipe for baked pineapple chips. The taste is somehow close to store-brought dried pineapple chips, but making you own is much healthier sans preservatives.  

The best part - these home made pineapple chips look so cute with a tropical flower shape, they'll be great to serve in parties!

Baked Pineapple Chips. Courtesy: The Organ Wise Guys

silicone baking sheet

Believe it or not, pineapples can also be used as cookie or tart filling. In many parts of Asia, pineapple cookies are very popular during Chinese New Year. Bee of RasaMalaysia has a great recipe for this treat, using fresh pineapples to make the filling.

TIP: Using a silicone baking sheet when making pineapple cookies will help the round treats come off the baking pan easily, without distorting the shape. 

Know someone who might love these pineapple recipes? Sharing is caring! :-)

Pineapple Cookies. Courtesy: RasaMalaysia

silicone baking sheet

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