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Spring Vegetables: Fresh Produce On Nature's Menu This Season

Eating vegetables in season has many benefits, and on top of the list is enjoying produce at the peak of its flavors.

If you want to savor the most scrumptious bok choy stir fry, or take a bite of the crunchiest radish salad, having a reservation at a Michelin starred restaurant is not necessary. You simply have to eat these vegetables during Spring.

Because of the abundance in supply, eating vegetables in season is more economical. Not to mention, you can source your food locally, minimizing carbon emissions.

Spinach Chips. Courtesy: The Svelte Gourmet

One vegetable that tastes best during Spring is asparagus. Simply roasting asparagus one or with other vegetables will result in a surprisingly divine meal. Broccoli is another Spring produce that only needs minimal handling to be turned into a lovely dish. This vegetable is also heaven-sent for cheese lovers as it complements the rich and deep tastes of various cheese.

Rosemary & Garlic Beet Chips. Courtesy: Just Beet It

Some seasonal vegetables like artichokes may intimidate foodies not familiar with how to cook them. But many simple recipes, such as baked artichokes and roasted artichoke salad, will make even the most inexperienced home cook an expert in making delicious artichoke dishes.

Some spring vegetables can also be turned into fun snacks - beet chips and spinach chips are great to munch on, compared to store-brought, preservative-laden, deep fried chips.

Come to think of it, seasonal produce is nature's way of telling us what to eat and when to eat it – it's the Earth's special scheduled menu, designed to nourish our body with what it needs during each season.

Roasted Broccoli Cauliflower Soup. Courtesy: Simply Scratch

Yes, you can go against the seasons as modern agricultural technology makes it possible for many vegetables to be available on the market all year round. But bear in mind that Mother Nature rewards those who follow her production calendar by giving them the freshest and purest organic flavors no scientific advances can ever replicate.

So if you're a smart foodie, better take a look at nature's menu and order today's special.

Spring Asparagus Carbonara. Courtesy: Macheesmo

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