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Spring Salad Dinners For People Trying To Lose Weight

Parties seem to be challenging trials when you're trying to lose weight. Despite the guilt of consuming more calories than needed, you wouldn't want to embarrass your host by turning down the party food especially if he or she spent a good amount of time working on the spread.

However, trying to lose weight should not be an excuse not to socialize or catch up with friends. If you and a couple of your friends are trying to lose weight, why not get together over Spring dinner salads? It's the perfect party - it will give you a time to bond without having to deal with the guilt of breaking your diet.

Victoria of Green Plate Rule has a recipe for Spring salad, which is not only delicious and waistline friendly, but festive-looking as well. The recipe calls for spinach, strawberries, cucumber, and avocado. The healthy plate is topped with pecans and pistachios, as well as dried cherries and mixed herbs.

Spring Salad. Courtesy: Green Plate Rule.

Another option for pecan lovers is the Black & Blue Spring Salad by Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats

The pecans in this recipe is quite indulgent as it is sweetened with a butter-honey, spread on a silicone baking mat, and baked in the oven to result in honey-roasted pecans that are just delightful! If you're daily calorie allowance can't accommodate butter, using honey alone will be just fine.

Courtesy: Iowa Girl Eats 

Aside from the pecan honey roasting, the rest of the salad is pretty simple to whip up: lettuce plus blackberries and blue cheese, hence the name black & blue.  

The salad is tossed with a vinaigrette made of blackberries, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, and honey, blended together to produce a pretty scarlet dressing.

Black & Blue Spring Salad. Courtesy: Iowa Girl Eats

If you prefer a warm salad for your dinner party, you might want to try Roasted Fennel and Spring Vegetable Salad published by In Sonnet's Kitchen.

Aside from arugula left fresh and boiled French lentils, the rest of the veggies in the recipe are baked in the oven - fennel, carrots, red onion. The salad comes together with a drizzle of simple dressing made of olive oil, sherry vinegar, and fresh orange juice. 

TIP: Using a silicone baking mat when baking will result in evenly-cooked vegetables. Silicone baking mats can also cut your cleaning time in half.

Know someone who could benefit from these recipes? Sharing is Caring! :-)      

Roasted Fennel and Spring Vegetable Salad. Courtesy: In Sonnet's Kitchen

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