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Game of Thrones Viewing Party: Welcome Guests With "Bread and Salt"

This is the longest week for fans of HBO epic fantasy series "Game of Thrones," as the season 6 premiere on Sunday seems so near, yet so far.

To feed your hunger for the TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels, we'll be featuring GOT-inspired recipes all week to help you prepare a medieval feast for "Game of Thrones" premiere viewing party.

Courtesy: HBO

As any GOT geek would know, there are several scenes in "Game of Thrones" with the characters featuring medieval meals which usually include bread or grains, roasted meat, and produce.

"He tore the bread apart and offered half to Davos. 'Eat. It’s good.' It was, though any stale crust would have tasted just as fine to Davos; it meant he was a guest here, for this one night at least."

                                                                     - A Dance With Dragons

In "Game of Thrones," offering a guest any kind of food is a gesture of letting someone know that he or she is welcome to stay. Since bread is one of the most basic food and salt is the most basic seasoning, hosts usually offer guests "bread and salt."

Rustic Crusty Bread. Courtesy: Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Why not offer your viewing party guests bread (and salt, to be consistent with GOT tradition) as they arrive to make them feel welcome? True blue GOT geeks will get it right away - if not, explain the tradition to them and cite the Red Wedding situation as an example.

Walder Frey offered Robb Stark bread and salt when they arrived, making the Starks feel as if the hatchet has been buried. This made Robb and Catelyn hold their guards down, only to be back stabbed in the end. 

Mel's Kitchen Cafe has a great recipe for rustic crusty bread that only requires three ingredients - instant yeast, salt, and flour.

Mel offers a step-by-step guide that's easy to follow, even for bread baking newbies.  

Rustic Crusty Bread. Courtesy: Mel's Kitchen Cafe

If you want to serve something more fancy, but is just as easy to whip up, then you might want to try the 3 ingredient biscuits as published by Kirbie's Cravings.  

 As promised by its name, you only need three things to make this basic biscuit - self rising flour, shortening and milk. Kirbie added another medieval ingredient just to make the biscuits a little bit luxurious - honey, which was drizzled on top before baking to get that gorgeous golden caramel.

3 Ingredient Biscuits. Courtesy: Kirbie's Cravings. 

TIP: Using a silicone mat when baking these honey-drizzled biscuits will make clean up time a breeze!

Know a "Game of Thrones" fan who will love these recipes? Sharing is Caring!

3 Ingredient Biscuits. Courtesy: Kirbie's Cravings. 

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