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Game of Thrones Party: Juicy Meat & Poultry Recipes

HBO series "Game of Thrones" features a lot of medieval food, but nearly not as much as the novels from which the story was based from - George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series..

Powerful people in Westeros and Essos mostly dine on various kinds of poultry and meat, flavored with herbs, fruits, and sweetened with honey. On your "Game of Thrones" season 6 premiere viewing party, why not prepare delicious poultry and meat dishes fit for a king? Your guests will surely curtsy in gratitude!

Honeyed Chicken With Mint and Cranberries. Courtesy: Obsessive Cooking

“‘Hungry again?’ he asked. There was still half a honeyed chicken in the center of the table. Jon reached out to tear off a leg, then had a better idea. He knifed the bird whole and let the carcass slide to the floor between his legs. Ghost ripped into it in savage silence.” - A Game of Thrones

Did reading the passage above just made you wish you were Jon's direwolf? Cooking honeyed chicken is actually not that complicated. Obsessive Cooking published a recipe for honeyed chicken that isn't as difficult to cook as it may seem. The chicken is rubbed with butter and seasoned before baking in the oven.

A flavorful syrup of apple cider vinegar, honey, mint, and cranberries or currants is used as a glaze for the baked chicken.

Courtesy: HBO

“‘My fellow magisters have doubled the size of the city guard,’ Illyrio told them over platter’s of honey duck and orange snap peppers one night at the manse that had been Drogo’s. The khal had joined his khalasar, his estate given over to Daenerys and her brother until the wedding.” -A Game of Thrones 

The official "Game of Thrones" food blog, Inn at the Crossroads, has a recipe for the honey duck that was served to the Mother of the Dragons before being wedded to Khal Drogo.

The duch is seasoned and flavored with cardamom, ginger, and orange before roasting. A syrup of honey, butter, lemon and orange juice, pepper and lemongrass is used both as glaze and sauce.

Pentoshi Honey Duck w/ Orange Snap Peppers. Courtesy: Inn At The Crossroads

If you want something modern to serve your guests on your viewing party, it may be a great idea to combine the two things that almost all characters in the series loves on their table - wine and meat!

The Starving Chef has a great recipe for braised lamb with figgy red wine sauce. The sweetness of the figs and the tartness of the lemon will remind you of the Mediterranean feel of King's Landing. While the richness of red wine will probably remind you of either Cersei or Tyrion!

Braised Lamb in Figgy Red Wine Sauce. Courtesy: The Starving Chef

The lamb is marinated in a mixture of fig jam, lemon juice, minced garlic, onion powder, coriander, paprika, olive oil, rosemary and parsley. The lamb is then seared, boiled with wine red wine, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and fig jam, removed from the pot, and baked. The red wine mixture is then reduced to a thick sauce.

TIP: Using a silicone baking mat when roasting meat will help you cut your cleanup time in half.

Know someone who loves Game of Thrones and meat dishes? Sharing is Caring! :-)

Braised Lamb in Figgy Red Wine Sauce. Courtesy: The Starving Chef

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