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St. Patrick's Day Drink: Irish Coffee

For today's edition of our St. Patrick's Day food series, we'll be featuring a drink from Ireland that has grown popular all over the world - Irish Coffee.

We know that Irish Coffee is a mix of coffee and liquor, but how exactly did it originate?

According to The Ireland Whiskey Trail, a touring guide to the country's distilleries, pubs and bars, Irish Coffee was first served during a stormy winter night in Foynes. In a restaurant was full of passengers from a postponed flight to the US, Irish Chef Joe Sheridan whipped up a concoction of coffee, whiskey, brown sugar and cream to warm his customers up.

The customers loved the hot drink and when one asked if it's Brazilian coffee, Sheridan said, "No, that's Irish Coffee."

The website published a basic recipe for Ledwidge Irish Coffee, named after an Irish poet, Francis Ledwidge.

Aside from coffee and Irish Whiskey, the recipe calls for Canadian maple syrup and whipped cream with hints of vanilla essence and icing sugar.

Serving this after-dinner drink on your St. Patrick's Day party will surely keep everybody warm and make the celebration a lot sweeter!

Get the recipe here...

Tip: If you want to pair Irish Coffee with something to munch on, small bites of spiced treats like gingersnaps or cinnamon cookies is good choice. Baking them in a silicone baking mat will result in perfectly cooked cookies that are not burnt at the edges, bringing out the flavor of the spices more.

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