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St. Patrick's Day Food: Irish Roast Potatoes

For today's edition of St. Patrick's Day Food series, we're featuring a side dish that is so good, it definitely deserves to be on the center of every dinner table during the celebration of Ireland's patron saint.

Irish roast potatoes are usually served alongside meat. Mairead of Irish American Mom published a great recipe of the Irish classic which she described as "ultra-crispy roast potatoes with soft, creamy insides, compliment a turkey dinner perfectly."

The peeled russet potatoes are first boiled, then coated with oil and roasted in the oven. Unlike the usual baked potatoes that are cooked with the skin on, this recipe offers a crunchy "skin" resulting from the fried-like exterior because of the oil coating.

This roast potatoes will definitely wow you guests on your St. Patrick's Day party. Try pairing it with other classic Irish food staples like home made corned beef to transport your guests to the Emerald Isle right through their dinner plate.

Get the recipe here...

Tip: You can also roast the potatoes in a baking sheet lined with silicone baking mats. Just coat the lightly cooled boiled potatoes with a little oil or goose fat, put into the baking sheet, and pop into the oven.  

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