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Easter Sunday 2016 Recipe Idea: Fruit Bread Flavored With Honey, Whiskey & Dark Beer

It's the season for Easter bunnies and children hunting for brightly-colored eggs!

For foodies who are still planning what to prepare for your Easter Sunday 2016 family get-together, fret not, because we got you covered. We're featuring Easter recipe ideas all week.

Let's start with a traditional staple served during Easter and other religious gatherings - bread.

"Easter breads, cakes, and biscuits are a major category of Easter foods, perhaps especially noticeable in the predominantly Catholic countries of S. and C. Europe," Alan Davidson wrote in The Oxford Companion to Food.

Italian Easter Bread. Courtesy: Detallo 

"Traditional breads are laden with symbolism in their shapes, which may make reference to Christian faith - crosses, fish and lambs - or be relics from pagan practices - hares, eggs, and the cylinder shapes of E. European breads."

Russian Easter Bread, photo by Anna Williams. Courtesy: Epicurious

There are various Easter bread recipes from various parts of the globe, including the Italian and Russian version, as pictured above. Today's featured recipe is somewhat a more festive version of the traditional loaf.

Margot Harris of The Jersey Journal published a recipe for a loaf bread that's flavored with dried fruits, dark beer, and whiskey. The sweetness of the dried fruits is further emphasized by honey and a little sugar.

Harris recommends toasting slices of this loaf, slathering them with butter and sprinkling them with cinnamon sugar. This loaf will surely make your Easter Sunday 2016 get-together a lot yummier!

Get the recipe here...

Tip: Using a silicone baking mat in making loaf breads like this will help it bake evenly, avoiding burnt patches under the loaf. 

Easter Loaf. Courtesy: Margot Harris for the Jersey Journal

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