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Homemade Easter Candy That Will Impress Your Kids! Easy To Make Too

Many kids are looking forward to Easter not only because of the annual challenge of finding hidden eggs, but also because of the promise of indulging in egg or bunny-themed sweet treats.

This year, why not treat your kids with homemade candy that are not just yummy, but amazingly pleasing to the eyes as well? And because they're fairly easy to make, the kids can also help making them, allowing for some good ol' bonding time in the kitchen.

Erin of Brownie Bites published a good recipe called Chocolate Pretzel Bird Nest that uses pretzel sticks, peanut butter, chocolate chips and any round or oblong candy.  

Chocolate Pretzel Bird Nest. Courtesy: Brownie Bites

The result is a pretty cute confection - a heap of choco-peanut pretzels with colorful candy on top!

Get the recipe here...

Chocolate Pretzel Bird Nest. Courtesy: Brownie Bites

If white chocolate is more to your kids' liking, why not try the Easter Jelly Bean Bark recipe by Mariah of The Simple Parent? The recipe only has two ingredients - jelly beans and white chocolate or vanilla almond bark.

The white bark embraces the playful colors of jelly beans - this candy is a party in itself!

Get the recipe here...

Tip: Using a non stick baking mat when making these sweet treats will make it easier to take the candy off the baking sheet without ruining its shape.

Courtesy: The Simple Parent

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