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Easter Sunday 2016: Yummy Buns For Kids And Kids At Heart

Who doesn't love buns? Sweet, savory or spicy - each bun recipe is unique on its own. Great by itself  or smothered with melting butter. Soft, chewy and fragrant, buns are simple yet extremely satisfying for any bread-loving foodie.

For your Easter Sunday 2016 celebration, why not bake a batch of buns that capture the theme of the annual celebration?

Anita of Dessert First has a great recipe for Rabbit Bunny Buns that will surely catch the attention of kids hungry from all that Easter Egg hunting.

Rabbit Bunny Buns. Courtesy: Dessert First

The rolls are shaped like bunnies by snipping the dough with kitchen shears to form the ear shapes. Each bun is also poked with a woden dowel for eyes before baking.

Rabbit Bunny Buns. Courtesy: Dessert First

For foodies who may be craving for buns with a little more complex flavor combination, spicy sweet Hot Cross Buns may be the recipe to try this year. Baked with dried fruits, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this classic recipe will make Easter truly feel like a holiday.  

Tip: Line the baking pan with a silicone baking sheet to make it easier to take off the buns.

Hot Cross Buns. Courtesy: Natasha's Kitchen

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