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Asparagus Recipes That Will Change How You Look At The Spring Vegetable

For most people, Spring symbolizes a new beginning after the freezing cold. With it comes lush greens coming back to life, and fresh produce that signify rebirth. Though most vegetables are available in the market all-year round, many choose to eat produce in season to take advantage of its full flavors.

Today's produce in season is a versatile vegetable dubbed as one of the world's healthiest foods - asparagus!

Ree of The Pioneer Woman offers a simple yet delicious way to serve Asparagus that best emphasizes its natural flavor. Seasoned with minimal ingredients - olive oil, salt and pepper - Ree's Oven-Roasted Asparagus brings out the vegetable's freshness.  

Oven-Roasted Asparagus. Courtesy: The Pioneer Woman

If you like more texture in your roasted vegetables, you may opt to pair asparagus with another vegetable that would complement its flavor. Sam of Ahead of Thyme has a great recipe for Roasted Garlic Asparagus and Mushrooms. Like the first recipe, Sam uses the same basic ingredients to flavor the asparagus, with the addition of garlic and mushrooms.

Roasted Garlic Asparagus and Mushrooms. Courtesy: Ahead of Thyme

If you're looking for a heavier asparagus dish that could be served as an entree, using the fresh and gentle flavor of asparagus in a pasta dish is a great idea.

Nick of Macheesmo has a recipe for Spring Asparagus Carbonara. Leftover roasted asparagus (but we doubt there will be some) would be good to use in this recipe, to give it a deeper, roasted flavor.

TIP: using non-stick materials such as a silicone baking sheet in roasting asparagus will allow for minimal oil.

Spring Asparagus Carbonara. Courtesy: Macheesmo

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