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Bought Too Much Veggies? Try These Easy Canning Recipes!

There are times when you just have too much vegetables in your fridge and it's such a pity that it will all go down to waste if you don't act fast and use them by the end of the week. However, your family can only eat so much ratatouille or roasted vegetables in a day. The solution? Canning!

Though canning can be very intimidating especially for newbies, there are canning recipes that you can do without having to break a sweat. 

Here are some great recipes you can make even on a busy weeknight. Plus, you can save a few dollars later on by having instant vegetable side dishes for an easy meal.


Canned Tomatoes (Pretty Prudent)

The good thing about this post is that Pretty Prudent teaches us how to can tomatoes even without a canner. Canned tomatoes is great to use for pasta sauce for a quick and filling dinner on a weeknight.

"Canning tomatoes is a wonderful first canning project as it is simple and it doesn’t require a pressure canner or even a water bath canner." 


  • Tomatoes
  • Water (for boiling)
  • Lemon juice

via Canned Tomatoes (Pretty Prudent)


Canned Corn (One Hundred Dollars a Month)

Canned corn is a great thing to have around for a quick vegetable side dish any time of the week. Mix this canned corn with chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro for an effortless but refreshing Mexican salsa!

"If you are running out of freezer space or just want an alternative to freezer corn, canning corn is a great way to put up all of that corn you grew this year {or stocked up on}."


  • 20 lbs of corn in husk {will yield 9 pints}

via Canned Corn (One Hundred Dollars a Month)


Canned Carrots (Ann's Entitled Life)

Canned carrots can be used for just about anything. Saute it with garlic and butter (or olive oil if you're trying to stay from dairy) and have a great side dish for poultry, fish or meat. You can also use it with chopped celery and onions to use as a base for a comforting pot of chicken soup. 

"A super easy home canning recipe with step by step tutorial photographs on how to can carrots. In under an hour you can preserve your summer harvest of carrots to enjoy year-round."


  • 12 Medium Sized Carrots
  • 1 tsp Kosher Salt 
  • 4 cups Boiling Water + more for pressure canner

via Canned Carrots (Ann's Entitled Life)


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