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Easy To Make Carrot-Themed Snacks Perfect For Easter

It's Easter bunny that brings in its favorite food into the whole holiday theme - carrots.

Though carrots are fun to munch on on its own or with a dip like hummus or peanut butter, there are also tons of carrot-themed treats and snacks that you can make with your kids at home. 

Kids will not only enjoy eating these treats, they'll also love helping make them too!


Easter Bunny Carrot Pretzel Bites (Two Sisters Crafting)

This recipe for Easter Bunny Carrot Pretzel Bites from Two Sisters Crafting is so cute and very easy to make. It's all about assembling candy into pretzel snaps - you'll surely enjoy spending an afternoon making these babies with your kids. If you're making these ahead, arrange the pretzel bites in silicone mat-lined baking sheets before popping in the fridge to keep them nice and neat. 

"It was my daughter’s idea to make a fun pretzel bite to leave for the Easter Bunny.   Our plan was to have my daughter help us with them but they were a little too delicate for her 5 year old hands but we love how these Easter Bunny Carrot Pretzel Bites turned out!"


  • Pretzel Snaps
  • Orange and Green M&M Minis
  • Wilton Bright White Candy Melts or Ghirardelli White Chocolate Melting Wafers

via Easter Bunny Carrot Pretzel Bites (Two Sisters Crafting)


Healthy Easter Treats — Bunnies and Carrots (Health Nut Foodie)

This Healthy Bunnies and Carrots treat from Health Nut Foodie is a great snack to whip up for Easter Egg hunts in the park. The cheddar bunnies will keep the kiddos energized as they search for the treasured eggs! Make sure to make a few packs to give away to other kids as well. 

"Whether you are looking for an easy Easter basket idea, school snack, party favor, or just a fun spring project, I highly recommend giving these a try!"

Supplies (for 12 carrots):

  • 1 12″ x 12″ khaki card stock
  • 1 box organic cheddar bunnies
  • Green ribbon
  • 12 clear piping bags
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

via Healthy Easter Treats — Bunnies and Carrots (Health Nut Foodie)


"Carrot" Easter Pudding Cups (Dessert Now Dinner Later)

If you're having Easter dinner at home, this will be a great dessert to cap off your hearty meal! Dessert Now Dinner Later's "Carrot" Easter Pudding Cups is basically chocolate covered-strawberry on top of a cup of chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos. It's a very yummy treat that both kids and kids at heart will enjoy.    

"These fun pudding cups are perfect for Spring and Easter with an orange candy dipped strawberry “carrot” in crushed Oreo and chocolate pudding “dirt.”  Talk about easy too!"


  • 1 (6ct) Chocolate SUPER Snack Pack
  • 1 lb of strawberries, rinsed and dried
  • 1 pkg orange candy melts
  • 6 + Oreos

via "Carrot" Easter Pudding Cups (Dessert Now Dinner Later) 


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