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Halloween 2017: Creepy Party Drinks Kids Will Go Gaga Over

No party will be complete without drinks to take your Halloween theme to the next level! There are various creative drinks you can make to give your party the creepiness it deserves. These drinks are clean and kid-friendly and you can easily make a separate version for adults by adding a few jiggers of liquor that complements the flavor of the drink.


Layered Halloween Drink (Our Thrifty Ideas)

This Layered Halloween Drink recipe from Our Thrifty Ideas is a great drink idea and its beauty is all based on the science of sugar content. The basic idea is, you combine three drinks with different sugar content. The one with the most sugar sinks at the bottom while the one with the least stays on top.

"You will want to pick about 3 different colored drinks, all with varying sugar contents. You can find this on the nutrition information guide on the back of your bottles."



  • clear soda
  • energy drink
  • orange citrus drink


via Layered Halloween Drink (Our Thrifty Ideas)


Gummy Worm Punch (Bitz & Giggles)

This Gummy Worm Punch recipe from Bitz & Giggles is a treat for kids and adults who love gummy worms! The gummies are frozen with soda and juice in muffin tins. You can easily change the flavors of this drink by using clear soda with any colored juice you prefer - purple-colored grape juice is another great idea for Halloween!

"Kids love the color and, well, get pretty excited about the *stars of this drink*, those wiggly gummy worms, too!"


  • Hawaiian Punch – Green Berry Rush
  • Lemon-lime soda
  • Gummy worms
  • Muffin tin (for freezing the worm disks)

via Gummy Worm Punch (Bitz & Giggles)


Bloody Shirley Temples (This Grandma Is Fun!)

If you like your Halloween Party to be extra creepy, this Bloody Shirley Temples recipe from This Grandma Is Fun is definitely a drink you should try in your party. Is essentially a simple Shirley Temple recipe, but instead of mixing in the grenadine, it's left to sink at the bottom of the cup with an extra shot of grenadine in a syringe.

"While some kids may get grossed out about the syringes filled with pretend blood (Grenadine), most of them are going to think it is awesome and have a blast squirting the blood into their drinks."


  • Sprite
  • Ice
  • Grenadine
  • Syringe

via Bloody Shirley Temples (This Grandma Is Fun!)

Ludy's Kitchen Cooking Tip:

Don't have time to shop for ingredients for Halloween drinks? Just serve orange soda on clear disposable cups decorated with eyes and a creepy smile - Jack O' Lantern-themed drink in a jiffy! 


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