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How To Throw A Picnic: Simple Tips For Outdoor Family Food Bonding


Picnics may just be the ultimate bonding activity for the family. Birds chirping lovely melodies over a vast stretch of green grass or a calming view of blue sea, and hours waiting to be spent playing games or just lazing around under a tree. 

Now that's a relaxing family weekend! Of course, no picnic is ever complete without a delicious meal for the whole family to share. We're giving you tips on how to whip up the perfect picnic basket filled with goodies that will make your outdoor bonding extra special.

Picnic Appetizers: Finger Food

Easy-To-Eat Picnic Main Course

End It With Something Sweet

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Picnic Appetizer: Healthy Chips & Dip

Chances are, when you get to the picnic venue, the group will not be hungry enough for a heavy meal . It would be a great idea to bring light appetizers. Click here for tasty dip recipes including Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip by Two Peas and Their Pod as pictured on the right.

Finger Food: Bite-Sized Fruits & Veggies

It's always a good idea to bring a healthy snack for the family to enjoy such as bite-sized veggies and fruits. Read this to learn how to make Sour Cream & Red Pesto Bean Cream Dip by Fuss Free Flavours as seen on the picture on the left.


Pre-Portioned Appetizers

Eating on a picnic can be messy. It would be wise to bring easy-to-eat snacks such as this Black Bean Mango Salsa Cups by Gimmesomeoven. For more recipes like this, read our previous post on yummy and healthy appetizers.

Packing Salads For A Picnic

Salad is a great idea for picnics. It's healthy and it could be individually packed in disposable food boxes (there are lots of eco-friendly options these days). Or you can also pack salads in mason jars for a rustic touch. Read this post for picnic salad recipes

Picnic Sandwiches

One go-to picnic grub is the ever-reliable sandwich. You can eat it sitting down, standing up, or slouching under a tree. After eating, throw away the wrapper and you're good to go. Check out this article for clever tips on mastering the art of making picnic sandwiches that are a joy to share during a picnic.

Sandwiches With A Twist

Add a twist of freshness to your sandwiches by including fruits and vegetables to perk up the flavors. Click this post to learn how to make  Pepper Jelly Hawaiian Grilled Cheese by Simple Sated as well as other pineapple recipes.


Picnic Sweets

Packing up a picnic basket can be challenging, but whatever happens, you must definitely save room for dessert to cap off your meal with something sweet! To learn how to make Classic Peanut Butter Cookies by Sallys Baking Addiction pictured on the right, as well as other yummy cookies, click this link.

Cookie Instead of Cake


Cakes or cupcakes may not be the best desserts to bring on a picnic as heat and humidity can alter its texture. Bringing the cookie version of your favorite cake flavor instead is a wise move. Click this link for recipes like Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies. by Kirbie's Cravings pictured on the left.


Picnic Dessert Bars


Dessert bars are also great choices for picnic dessert - just be sure to choose recipes without ingredients that easily melt. You may want to take a look at this article on easy dessert bars and find one that you love best. 


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