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Picnic Demystified: Tips & Tricks For 4th of July

With Fourth of July just a few days away! Here are some tips and tricks to help you throw the best picnic party for your friends and family!

Great Picnic Ideas You Wish You Knew A Year Agoimage

Here are a few helpful picnic tips that would surely make your picnic a blast this year! Check out tips on how to put on a colorful spread for a picnic featuring summer's bountiful harvest. 

3 Chocolate Chip Treats For Your Next Picnic


Chocolate Chip treats is always a hit during gatherings. Nostalgic and comforting, every bite reminds you of childhood and good ol' times. Why not bake a batch of these delicious choco chip recipes for your Fourth of July picnic? Your family and friends will surely love you for it!

3 Unbelievably Yummy Snacks Made With Zucchini


Some may be hesitant to serve zucchini in picnic parties just because many guests tend to snub the vegetable platter and reach for the chips or fritters instead.

But with these awesome zucchini-based snack recipes, you and your family will never see the green goody the same way again. Try one of these (or all of them) for your Fourth of July get-together!

Picnic Salad Recipe Lessons Perfect For 4th of July


Salads are great for picnics. It's healthy, fresh, and best of all, it showcases the succulent ripeness of some of Summer's best harvest.

Try these salad recipes and treat your family and friends to a yummy and healthy picnic they won't forget anytime soon!